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設計機構:殊舍建筑 項目地點:北京延慶縣建筑面積:8萬平米設計時間:2013年12月-2014年11月
設計團隊:何紅才、 張桂如、錢學松、王名改、丁怡文、高瑩、林禮聰、李雪陽、陳巖、滕馳、朱瑾慧 、曹暢、胡婉姍、牧一、王占陽、張旭、丁亮、張桂如、胡叨叨、何宏仕
The Great WaLL International Hotel
Design Institutiom: Shu She Architecture Project Location: yanqing, BeijingBuilding Area: 80,000 square metersDesign period: December, 2013- November, 2014Design Team: Hongcai He, Guiru Zhang, Xuesong Qian, Minggai Wang, Yiwe Ding, Ying Gao, Licong Lin, Xueyang Li, Yan Chen, Chi Teng, Jinhui Zhu, Chang Cao, Wanshan Hu,Yi Mu, Zhanyang Wang, Xu Zhang, Liang Ding, Yafei Ho, Hongshi He
Introduction: Introduction:This project is faced to the Great wall in the south and near the park in the north, which owns good landscape orientation.
The site footprint is relatively small, but through the study of landscape orientation and the visual distance between two buildings, we conclude these two crescent towers.
The main functions of the towers consist of hotel and apartment as well as business on the lower floor.In addition, there are boundless swimming pool, mini golf and air bar on the roof for people to relax.
The standard rooms adopt open belcony with landscape and closed hot springs, which gradually shrink from lower floor to the upper floor.