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設計機構:殊舍建筑 地點:北京珠市口建筑面積:200平米設計時間:2014.3設計團隊:何紅才 陳研 劉家玉 陳應坤 牧一 何宏仕 (含勞動者)
Office Alteration of Beijing Shu She Architecture
Design Agency: Beijing Shu She Architecture Location: Zhushikou, Beijing Covered Area: 200 square metersDesign Time: March, 2014
Introduction:This project involved in the office building used by Beijing Shu Se Architecture itself which was consisted of the upper and lower levels with a covered area of 200 square meters. It was alternated from a kindergarten used by a munition factory in 1960s. Because its entire plane was round, the way of the flexible arrangement of indoor furnitures was adopted to make them independent and close, the book shelves and plants were used to decollate different functional spaces.
  The wood stepping specially made on the children’s slide of the former kindergarten in the first floor was alternated into walking stairs and a little platform which could provide spaces for flower basins. The children’s slide on the second floor was used as the attachments for climbing plants with an opened glass louvre above for daylighting. There was a small patio seating on the patio below. The children’s slide and the climbing plants were used to be a wall to decollate the place from the office space to make here a place for tea, resting and talking.
  The background wall at the entrance was made of the iron plates with holes. The color reflected from the iron plates would be changed to some extent according to the air humidity or rains. The sunlight through the holes of the iron plates could form the loto of Beijing Shu Se Architecture.