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地點:北京房山區 建筑面積:4890平方米設計時間:2012年12月—2013年6月
BeiJing Fsngshan center kindergarten
Location: BeiJing Fangshan district area:4890m2 period:December 2012_Tune 2013
Introduction: we make the living units in to kindergarten into three rows from the north to the south .the rise the platform higher and higher form the north to the south .the living units to the north can we the roofs form the south to be activity spale. The activity spale on the roof have a sunshine condition. It is very suitable to have activities in summer.
The roads relate the roofs thtend to be curvilinear corrdors and courtyards.it make spale on the roofs and in to courtyards more interesting.what’s more?The space under the coniders and greenbelt have a very closed belate with the living units on the frist fllor .it is under the shadow of the roofs at most time,it is a natural umbrellar and it is very suitable to use in the burning hot summer.