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設計機構:殊舍建筑 項目地點:芬蘭赫爾辛基 設計時間:2014年8月設計團隊:何紅才、 滕馳、朱瑾慧 、曹暢、胡婉姍、牧一、王占陽、張旭、丁亮、張桂如、胡叨叨、何宏仕、宋燾
Guggenheim Museum
Introduction: Because of the rapid developing Internet technology, we are having more ways to attend an exhibition: mobile phone, computers, tablelets...The fact leads to less face-to-face communication between people and interpersonal alienation.
That is the reason why people need a landmark working as both meeting point and public space.
“Let’s meet at roof garden of Guggenheim Museum”, “See you at Guggenheim Museum Restaurant”. We are designing for more conversations like these between friends.
The competition site is located in the historical and cultural center of Helsinki, with waterfront and port on the east while Tahititornin Vouri Park and a major road lie to the west of it. The site is surrounded with historical heritage and tourist attractions.
What to do
A modern museum that coordinates with city is proposed to work with this scenic and busy area. The museum is not only for exhibition but also a part of the city public space, providing the public a space for entertainment and communication.
One of the aims of the design of this museum is to reduce interruption to city transportation and view, making it a part of the waterfront cityscape of South Harbor. The elegant curve and light volume of the building are reflecting and scattered over the surface. The contrast brings illusion and mystery, like snow mountain of Finland.
How to do
Interior Space: The interior space is divided into two parts, the spatial structure of which assembles relationship between egg white and yolk. The inner space is for exhibition while the outer space that faces to waterfront is for relaxing. Visitors may enjoy fascinating view when entertaining. The atrium provides both space for assembling and possibility for natural lighting.
Exterior Space: The majority of visitors come to the museum not only for attending an exhibition but also for gathering, sightseeing and relaxing with friends. They can access to the terrace through the roof garden, which is a helix that connecting the rooftop and the forecourt, and enjoy the green space, sun light, wind, beauty of nature, and the precious reunion.