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設計機構:殊舍建筑 項目地點:廣州新會區 建筑面積:5050平米設計時間:2014年7月—2014年8月設計團隊:何紅才 縢馳 朱瑾慧 牧一 丁亮 馬雯 史志強 曹暢 胡婭斐 張桂如 何宏仕
    意境——我們完成一次建筑與大海的對話,在這個建筑內部或者屋頂,我們會近距離、且毫無外界干擾的聆聽大海的呼吸。一個人、一片天、一面海 ……
Yamen Yacht Club
Design Institution: ShuShe ArchitectureProject Location: Xinhui District, Guangzhou Building Area: 5,050 square metersDesign Period: July, 2014- August, 2014Design Team: Hongcai He, Chi Teng, Jinhui Zhu, Lei King, Liang Ding, Wen Ma, Zhiqiang Shi, Chang Cao, Yafei Ho, Guiru Zhang, Hongshi He.
Introduction: This project is located near the sea in Yamen Town, Xinhui District, Guangzhou. The site is 64 meters long and 19 meters wide, which is faced to the sea in two directions and closed to an industrial estate. There is only one way leading people to the site from the west. Therefore, the land in the site is narrow and tension.
Plan—On the circumstance that there is only one entrance to the site, the plan is arranged logically and the entrance is moved to the middle, which results in not only is half of the circulation minimized, but also unexpected spaces are formed—public square and two interior courtyards.
Space—To solve the problem of accumulating multiple functions in such a narrow site like entertainment, relaxation, meeting, accommodation, catering, exhibition et al, the building needs high density and height (8 stories in total), which is not appropriate for a yacht club. Therefore, we take advantage of roof and let people reach the roof from the ground or internal space, which satisfy the relaxation and exhibition functions.
Artistic conception—In or out the building, we can communicate with the sea and listen to the sound of sea closely and without any disturbance. One person, one piece of sky and one piece of sea….