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設計機構:殊舍建筑 地點:北京平谷 建筑面積:3.2萬平米設計時間:2009.6—2011.8
The Vacation Village located in Pinggu Peach Blossom Spring
Design Agency : Beijing Shu She Architecture Design Agency : Beijing Shu She Architecture Project Location: Ping Gu, Beijing Covered Area:3.2萬平米32000 square metersDesign Time: June, 2009 --- August, 2011
Introduction:This project is located in Ping Gu District, Beijing with a covered area of 32,000 square meters, consisted with 50 villas and a supporting building. The house areas differ from 200 square meters to 400 square meters.
  The base is located in the center of Wan Mu peach land. Each April when the peach is in full blossoms the entire villa area are surrounded by peach flowers as far as eye can see.Life is very nice here, feeling here like a Utopia Wonderland.
  There are natural landscapes surrounding this project, accordingly we reduce the public greening landscape as large as possible when we are making the plan, making the greening into the courtyard of each villa aiming at the convenient maintain and actual use.
  The main part adopts the wooden structure, the exterior wall adopts lacquer peg boards which are durable and very cheap with better insulation properties, greening and saving energy.
  The construction used in the main part are processed in the plant and assembled on site, therefore the construction speed is very rapid.The construction plant can produce with large scales and then send them for field assembly. In addition, each construction is very small in size suitable for the transportation, resulting in assembly lightly and conveniently. The construction period of each villa is about one week(the main part) in this project.