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ShuShe Architecture was founded in Beijing in 2009.ShuShe Architecture is a young and passionate team devotes in architecture research and design. Taking the rational considerations of every aspects of the problem, find the best way out through analysis and communication. Our works covered the area of urban design, residential planning, public architecture design, landscape design and interior design.




‘Shu’ means special, but not in the way of look or space or concept, is about only solution under the particular conditions, which makes it special. We speak for the architecture of its unique and logic, and their own character, form and space. All the limitations, location, topography, history, weather, surrounding environment, users and designers together decide its character. We take consideration of all these mentioned factors through every project, name the unsolved problems, and then we take them down from the whole picture to space, finally the details. Up to now, we can see the frame work of the architecture.